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If I ever get sad again I should look at this

Mighty Cheerful by PressurizedPleasure

Newest Moo-ternity Chapter is here!

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Hi! I'm Mighty

bouncing bunny [free to use] by pinkbunnii
This is a fetish oriented account so some of the stuff you see here may not be to your liking and can be pretty NSFW. Hell, maybe it'll even hurt your sensibility (and the whole trigger warning stuff that I can't get for the life of me). So! You've been warned. If you want to step ahead, feel free to do it. Although I don't take any responsibility if you don't like the stuff you'll see. Also, Ctrl+W is really handy.

♥This account has pregnant sexy woman, and chubby sexy girls as well as hyperboobed women♥
This place is equipped with an emerk kit, that means none of my BE chics will explode ever.

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Welcome to my dA page!

read the warning above please

Hi! Mighty here. Welcome!
I'm OfaMightDivine. If the name's too long you can call me Mighty, MightyD (lolpenis), Divine, Ofa...well a lot of names :3 .
I mainly draw fetish stuff: Boobs, bellies, chubbies, milk, kemonomimis, well-behaved cats, etc. But I'm planning on doing more and more stuff >w< !
I find drawing fascinating and want to be a pro artist.
I speak English and spanish

Ineed a rare vermillion ucranian unicorn for my cat :3

Besides Boobs and bellies I like cute stuff and cats :3<3

I don't roleplay by Ranshiinsitha

I Thank you for the watch,fave and llama!Emoji13 by Emoji-icon


Featured art :3

She is my cowy Mimi Rose, a gift from :iconshololu: she drew her and gifted her to me. She is like my little sister, treat her right :3


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(CLOSED) SUPER QUICK POLL: Who's your favorite girl from Moo-ternity so far? 

104 deviants said Yuu
62 deviants said Liiv
58 deviants said Minna
31 deviants said Vev
12 deviants said Mrs. Hen Tie
7 deviants said Rita
5 deviants said Pita

MOO-TERNITY Official Journal 5!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2016, 5:08 AM

More Moo-ternity journals because CoffeeSlice writes a lot! Continuing from:

MOO-TERNITY Official Journal 4!And again! New journal O: ! Continuing from:

The dance of my people:

You see yourself walking from your parked car to a suburban house. You are wearing a three-piece black suit and a hat. You approach the door and open it up.
"Honey, I'm home!" You say with a sweet tone.
You close the door and leave your coat and hat on a nearby hanger. In the radio you can hear a song about a man wearing black and walking the line for someone. You can smell the scent of a recently baked blackberry pie coming from the next room. You roll up your sleeves and go to the kitchen. You can hear the soft voice a girl calling your name.
"Yuu? Are you there my hubby?" Liiv is standing in front of a window. She's wearing a cute white dress with cherry pattern. Her hands are covered with oven mittens and she's holding what appears to be a pie. She looks your way and gives you the biggest and brightest smile you have ever seen. "Yuu!"

The chicken sisters:

Moo-ternity - 23: The chicken sisters by OfaMightDivine
"Would you ladies please listen to Mrs. Tie?" Minna turns around to reply to the tallest chickengirl. "I'm not a cash cow or whatever you called me. I'm just of those days." One of those days when your sister's lover gets you all impregnated with slimes. Yeah, one of those days. "So please, do not say that. It's very rude."
"Bwok." The chicken nods.
"See? She's more reasonable than all of you." Minna says while accommodating her newly refitted top. "So, where were we Mrs. Tie? Oh yeah th---"
"We were in that part where you pushed your greedy agenda on us, poor feather-sisters." Minna and the chicken with a purse sighs. "We were in that part where you continue the abuse perpetrated millennia before by the humans!"
"Miss Rita, pleas-"
"And now! Mammals enclose in evil alliances to keep that abuse happening!" You look confused at the chickengirl called Rita.
"Oh no!" The small chickengirl gasp as if she has been told the story of a horrible crime. "Did you know that Mrs. Tie?"
"...Bwok." The chicken raises her wing and covers her face. Is she face palming? Or face-winging? "Bwok bwok. Bwoook bwok."
"Ooooh. Pita gets it now." The petite chickengirl nods and gives an innocent smile. She turns around to look at Rita. "Why would you say that, sister?"
"Hmph!" Rita crosses her arms. "As if it wasn't true."
"Miss Rita. Please, let me continue." Minna says while one of her hands is rubbing her belly. "So, as I was explaining, we can't raise the chicken’s wage. Don't misunderstand me" the oldest cowgirl extends her hand outside "your girls are doing an amazing job, Mrs. Tie. They are really hard workers. But---"
"But you want to keep them working in unfair conditions, keeping the chain of exploitat---"
"BWOK!" Rita's social justice speech is cut short by Mrs. Tie. You're starting to like that lady chicken.
"Alright..." Rita pouts and Pita giggles. The tall chickengirl exhales a bit upset and looks your way. Her eyes meets with yours. She's staring at you wide-eyed.
"Bwok, bwok bwok." Mrs. Tie says to Minna.
"Ah yes." Minna clears her throat. "Well, even with all the hard work your girls are putting, the demand hasn't increased. I can't afford raising their wage when their eggs are not going to sell more than what they're selling currently. I'm really sorry."
"Bwok bwok." The lady chicken nods. "Bwok bwok, bwok?"
"Yes, not even for milk." Minna's expression turns into a sad frown. "I'm going to be honest with you, if we raise their wage we might start getting losses. But I assure you, they will retain their wages and other benefits. I'm really grateful for their serv---"

Rita walks in front of Minna and points at you.

"She's going to replace us!!! Look!" Rita yelps.
"Oh my goodness! Yuu!" Minna exclaims surprised at the sight of your body behind the table. Yes, you are that big.
"Wha..." You stare at the chickengirl, dumbfounded.
"Hey!" Liiv stands up in front of you. "This is my Yuu, don't point at her!"
"B-but..." While you appreciate Liiv's stalwart defense, you would like to know what the hell is Rita talking about.

The tall chicken girl places her hands on her hips with a defiant expression.

"Look at her, sister Pita. Look at her and stare in horror, for this is the reason of our feather sisters' job demise." Rita turns around. "She's going to replace us with one of those pesky humans!"
Minna and Mrs. Tie look at her dumbfounded. Rita continues her speech.
"Look at her! She just got a human! And an evil one." Her head turns in a steady motion, just like a chicken. She's staring at you with a mistrustful air. "An evil human, filled with eggs!"


"GASP!" Pita literally just said gasp.
"Wait, wait, Rita please." Minna tries to reason with the tall chickengirl.
"Don't Rita me!" She yelps while still looking at you. "I know of your greedy bovine plans. You mammals with your fat chests and milk. You all are trying to take our utmost task-" she caresses her potbelly "-off from our grasp." She speaks like an outraged activist. "And by means of filling a human with eggs!" A nonsensical outraged activist. There's too much of those nowadays.
"Hey, I'm not filled with eggs!" You respond to her. "I'm filled---" You think about telling her you're filled with slimes but that might not be the best response. "I'm just filled." Close enough.
"That's what you would want us to believe." Rita frowns at you.
"Bwok, bwok." Mrs. Tie looks at Rita and then at Pita. "Bwok bwok."
"B-b-but Lady Tie, Rita has a point! She looks so round and huge." You decide to take that as a compliment, but it's not the best time for you to get proud of your hugeness.
"Pita, dear, please do not listen to your sister's ramblings." Minna says while looking at you.
"I'M NOT RAMBLING!" Rita yelps.
"Bwok!" Mrs. Tie cackles at the rambling chickengirl and starts talking to Pita. The little chicken girl lets out a surprised 'oooh'.
"Oooh." Pita nods.
"Exactly, little Pita. Humans don't work like that, right Yuu?" Minna looks at you with a fake calm expression. She seems to still be trying to process how big you look.
"Huh...yeah. We don't work like that. We're more fleshy. With babies." You nod trying to put good emphasis on your explanation. Liiv and Minna's disapproving looks give you the hint that you haven't done the best job at explaining human reproduction. You smile nervously at little Pita. "Heh. This is all human babies." You pat your belly. "No eggs at all." Pita's eyes glow with childish curiosity.
", HOW do you think we would achieve something like that?" The oldest Cowoski says while rubbing her belly. She seems uncomfortable.
"Oooh, I know the how." Rita takes her phone out and raises above her head. "I have been surfing the internet!" She lowers her phone and starts searching for something in it. "You humans are the masters of perversion. Take a look at THIS, Pita!" Rita extends her phone towards Pita's direction. 
"Oh?" The petite chickengirl gets closer and looks at the phone. Her expression changes from curiosity to horror. "Aaaaaaaaaah!!!" And she just screamed. Pita covers her eyes. Then peeks at you and screams again.

Minna and Mrs. Tie look over Rita's phone. The chicken lady frowns and shakes her head while cackling. Minna has a weirded out look on her face.

"Well, that's...nasty." Minna says.
"Hey, I want to look too." Liiv pouts and crosses her arms.
"Trust me, you don't." The oldest cowgirl looks at Liiv straight in the eye. She sighs and turns to the small chickengirl. "Pita, please, calm down. We, Yuu included, don't do that stuff and---"
"Oh, I'm sure you do more perverted stuff! That's why she's so big!" Rita exclaims and Pita resumes her panic attack.
"Aaaah!" The little chickengirl covers her eyes once more.
Liiv looks at you and raises her eyebrows. Seems like right now she's grateful for the sisters she has.
"BWOK!" Mrs. Tie yells at Rita. She walks to Pita to comfort her. Then she turns to Rita and cackles non-stop at the rambling girl. She's scolding her.
"Yes, Lady Tie. That might be right. But we can't just turn a blind eye to the problem at hand. A problem that keeps on growing, like the weed of injustice in a society prejudiced against US, featherly people. The privilege of those within society with more weight corrupt the wings of our freedom. And we can't just..."

After 2 minutes of her rambling you acknowledge the obvious: that chick surely can complain.

"...because that's the core problem of the nation today, a putrid community from the inside, pushing abuse after abuse at us, the weak and hardworking featherly people. But the featherly people will rise and fly, and the rotten egg of this culture will regrow as a golden egg with opportunities for everyo---"
"Oh shut up, you parrot!" Liiv yelps at Rita. Your little cowgirl really got fed up with her rambling.
"---What did you just call me?" Rita rises her head, as if to look bigger than Liiv.
"I call you a paaaaarrot." Liiv gets up from her seat with difficulty. Her belly rises up with her, the slimes within her lowering their density to keep her mobile. "Paaaarrot."
"Huh?!" Rita looks at Liiv, offended by her remark. The chickengirl pouts. "Well.'re small and fat."
"Alright that's it." Liiv starts waddling towards Rita, Rita does the same. "You wanna go chicken brain?"
"Oooh, say that to my face. Oh wait, you can't. Want a stool for help?" Rita smiles with an angry expression.

The two girls start shooting names at each other. Seems like neither Minna nor Mrs. Tie want to separate them. In fact, they look amused. Mrs. Tie and Minna walk up to Pita and start comforting her.

"Don't listen to your sister's rambling, Pita." Minna places a hand on the shoulder of the little chickengirl. "She's just a bit..."
"Yeah, that. Thanks, Mrs. Tie." Minna smile at the chicken who only nods and smiles.
Pita seems a bit distraught still, she looks to you and then to Minna. "B-but, then what about her?"
"Oh, Yuu?" Minna's sight locks with yours. "Yuu is...Liiv's girlfriend who...uh..."
"I'm surrogating." You say trying to calm Pita down. Poor girl doesn't need to be so afraid.
"Yes. Yes, she's just surrogating. Right, Yuu?"
"Y-yeah. That's my job. Yuu, the surrogate. I'm really good at my job as you can see, ha-ha." You giggle and rub your boulder of a belly.
Mrs. Tie cackles a bit surprised. Then nods as if approving of your job.
"So, there's no eggs there?" Pita asks shyly.
"Yup. It's all babies. Lots." You smile at the girl.
"Bwok bwok bwok." Mrs. Tie seems to be talking to you.
"She says you should be proud of your hard work and effort." Minna says translating Mrs. Tie's message.
"Uh, yes. It really is. Thanks." Mrs. Tie only bows. What a lovely chicken lady.
"T-then..." Pita's cheek turn red. "...can I feel?" She asks while looking at your hyper fertile middle. This girl is so innocent.
"Oh..." You look at Minna. She smiling with a motherly look on her face. She nods at you. "Y-yes. Sure. You can feel it. It's a bit rumbly at time. But it's only the babies. Nothing but babies. Lots." You smile at Pita. That seems to have done the trick, the petite chicken girl walks slowly towards you.

You turn your body with precaution, trying to steer your overly slime-filled womb towards Pita. While turning around, you notice the girl is walking with a bit of a limp. You look down and notice she's sporting a wooden leg. You think about the name 'Pita the Pirate' for her now, and Rita as her parrot.

"Woooow..." Pita lets out a surprised gasp. She seems amazed by your sheer size.
Minna and Mrs. Tie look just as surprised by seeing your form in full profile. You feel yourself heating up at the thought of your body being admire by its massiveness.
"It's so big Miss..." Pita looks at the top part of your womb.
"Call me Yuu." You tell her, trying to ease her mind.
"Miss Yuu." Pita smiles and looks at you. She gets besides your belly and rests her head on its curve. "It's so warm."
"Y-yeah, it gets really warm. Heh." You feel the slimes shifting around. Seems like they like Pita. "There they are. The babies. Human babies. Can you feel them?"
"Yes!" Pita exclaims happily burying her head in your tummy. Little bump appears in the surface. "It's so cute, Miss Yuu." She opens her arms and hugs your belly.
You only smile at her and caress her hair.
Pita lets off of your belly and turns around. "Lady Tie?"
"When I grow up, can I be a surrogate like Miss Yuu?" Oh.
"Bwok?!" Mrs. Tie looks at her surprised. Minna just giggles.
"Yes! I want to be a surrogate like Miss Yuu and get just as big!" You don't want to crush her dreams so you only smile at her. "Plus, it seems like a lot of fun. Miss Yuu looks so happy."
"I do?" You are actually curious about that.
"Bwok bwok. Bwok."
"Oh. You're right Lady Tie." Pita turns around and looks at you smiling cheerfully. "Thanks a lot Miss Yuu!" She takes one of her feathers off and hands it to you. She then hugs your belly once more. "Keep up the hard work!" She says and turns around, walking towards Mrs. Tie.
"I-I will." You tell the small chickengirl. You just hope she keeps the same kind of outlook in life.
"Bwok!" Mrs. Tie cackles at the corner where Liiv and Rita went to kiddie fight. "Bwok, bwok bwok."
"And your fatty bags are just gross and---huh?" Rita stops mid-insult to Liiv. "B-b-but Lady Tie, she just told me I work better as a feather duster."
"A bad feather duster even." Liiv says with a sly smile. She definitely doesn't take well being called small.
"Liiv! Stop it." Minna yells to your petite cowgirl. "Mrs. Tie and her companions are leaving now." The milky cowgirl looks at the chicken lady. "Thanks for your visit Mrs. Tie. And I'm really sorry about the wage raise."
"Bwok, bwok bwok." Mrs. Tie cackles at Minna and raises a wing. "Bwok bwok?"
"Of course, just tell me the day and we can have a tea party!" Minna gives a bright smile to the chickengirls. "I'll be sure to make those grain biscuits you girls adore." Rita and Pita turn simultaneously to Minna.
The chickengirls start flapping their wings as if a special code word was just said. Mrs. Tie opens and closes her beak. Is she laughing? Minna giggles along with her. She's definitely laughing.
"Hahaha...Unf..." Minna lets out a long sigh. "Oh..." She rubs her belly, smiling at the feather-sisters. "E-excuse me ladies. I-I need to...oooh..."

The oldest Cowoski clutches her belly and starts rubbing it. You can feel a heat wave on your core, but not the usual pressure emanating within it. In fact, you feel it surging outwards towards Minna. You stare at her middle waiting for her new growth spurt to hit.

It will be a sight to behold. You like her bigger anyways, don't you?

You bite your lower lip and start rubbing your own belly. You feel hot. It's just as if your body as itching for seeing and experiencing more growth. You shake your head and focus your sight on the big cowgirl.

"I'm r-really really sorry, Mrs. Tie. I-I...oooh..." Minna lets out a soft moan. "It's just s-something we cowgirls do. We just...grooooow..."

Minna closes her eyes and rubs her belly. She's smiling, loss in maternal bliss. You can see her belly swelling up more round, protruding from her dress, pushing the fabric once more. You feel the heat within your body responding to Minna's growth. You can feel just as if your candy babies were engorging within. The mirroring sensations are being carried from her body to yours. Are they linked in some way?
Minna starts caressing her heavy womb in circular motions. The heat within you only grows. You feel as if the cow lady was touching your own taut stomach. You start breathing more heavily, excited from the sudden phantom massage. You try to take your mind off what's happening and look to the sides.

Mrs. Tie and her chickengirls are staring, dumbfounded.
Your little cowgirl Liiv is surprised at her big sister growth.
And that hand of yours is travelling too far down south, isn't it Yuu?

You look down to your sides, your right arm is trying to get between your plumped up thigh and the huge slime-filled belly you're sporting. You retract your arm back up and turn your sight to Minna once more. Her belly's growth has decreased by now. You can spot little bumps on its taut surface. Seems like your babies are happy to have more siblings.

Yes, each girl is carrying YOUR babies. You impregnated them after all.

You fight the urge to yell at your own subconscious. A soft gasp from little Pita shakes your thoughts. You turn your head to the big cow lady. She's looking proud at her now huge middle. Her size reminds you of your own condition the day before. But her breasts are still so massive compared to yours. And now...

"Hmmm… I guess it's time for me to produce more milk." Minna say while smiling proudly.

Her mammaries are looking swollen. You can see her tits throbbing slightly and then engorging just like her belly moments ago. Over its surface you can spot veins being drawn, the swell making them more pronounced just as if they were being overly full with more and more milk. Her top starts getting stretched out by the growing mass of her breasts. You lick your lips while watching the garment being stressed by Minna's tits. You can only fantasize about how much milk you could drink from her.

"Hmf… oof…" Minna lifts her arms to her breasts, trying in vain to soothe the growth happening. The flesh keeps on engorging, raising up and expanding. You awe in amazement at the sight of her tits rising up past her head. The cowgirl turns her head to you and smiles.

"We're gonna need bigger buckets, geez." Liiv says while looking up from her seat. She only looks surprised. How can she not be as hungry as you? Minna giggles at her remark.
"Oh shush you smartsy-horns." Minna winks at her younger sister. She leans her body forward and pushes her breasts down with her arms. "Hi there." Minna swings her hand at her feathery guests.
"MAMMALS!" Rita screams wide-eyed. "I told you Lady Tie! They're EVIL. EVIL MAMMALS WITH MILK!"
"Oh please sister, stop it." Little Pita flaps her wings against Rita. "Miss Minna just told us cowgirls grows because they're cowgirls. You can't just say people are evil mammals. It's rude! Right Lady Tie?"
"Bwok…" Mrs. Tie only nods at the sight of Minna's amazingly big tits. She turns around to face Rita and starts cackling at the tallest chickengirl. Seems like she had enough of her anti-mammal speeches. Rita lowers her head, not saying a word and just nodding. You think she got the message across just right. "Bwok. Bwok bwok. Bwok, bwok." Mrs. Tie turns to Minna and bows to her.
"Ah, it's no problem Mrs. Tie. It was a pleasure having you here."
"Bwok. Bwok, bwok?"
"Good bye Miss Minna, Miss Liiv and Miss Yuu."
"Good bye Miss Minna, Miss Liiv and Miss Yuu."
The two chickengirls chant their goodbyes in unison while bowing down and opening up their wings. You smile at them. Liiv waves goodbye to Pita and Mrs. Tie. And also shoos Rita away. The ladies step out of the house.
Minna sighs, relieved by their departure. "Geesh. My babies really got some bad timing for their growth, right?" She giggles playfully at you and Liiv.
"Yeah, I can… see that." says Liiv with a still surprised tone. The petite cowgirl starts rubbing her own belly. "So… what are you going to do with the surplus milk, Minna?"
"Huh…" The oldest Cowoski moves her hand to her chin, wondering about the possibilities. "Store it up?" That could make the milk go bad. It's not like people can consume that… Of course! They can!
"What about making yogurt?" You tell Minna your superb plan.
"Ah, yes! I'm sure Vev can help me with that." Minna gives you a thumbs up. "I'm sure the mall would LOVE it!"
"Oh, oh, oh, I can sell mine as a fat-free and strawberry flavored!" Your little cowgirl flails her arms as if she was dancing.
"That'll be quite a novelty, yes!" Minna giggles.
"Yay!" Liiv celebrates her soon-to-be product. "Well, that way the egg demand thingy won't be that much of a problem right?"
"It wasn't even a problem to begin with." Minna shrugs. You raise an eyebrow, confused.
"Wait, so it wasn't true?" You ask the top-heavy cow lady.
"Of course not! The egg demand keeps on a steady pace but I won't give them one more cent than what they're being paid."
"B-but why?" You are really curious about her answer. Rita's world of mammal-driven abuse can't be the rule. Right?
"Yuu, they are sitting on their asses all day waiting for an egg to just pop out." Minna shakes her head. "I won't pay those folks for that thing they consider 'work'."
"Didn't you say they work very hard?" You start moving your whole body to get out of Minna's doorframe.
"The chickens, of course. The chickengirls? Not so much." Minna lifts her hand and starts making a gesture. "We have three chickens and three chickengirls. All hired with the supervision of Mrs. Tie. The chickens do their work and never complain about it. Really nice ladies. And then…" she rolls her eyes "… we have the chicken girls."
"You mean…" You look at the door.
"Yes. Those two and one more that didn't show up. Very responsible of her." Minna raises her eyebrows, a bit annoyed. "There's Pita, Rita and Lila. And they are far, far, far from hard workers."
"Oh man, I'm gonna love hearing this." Liiv snickers and rubs her hands.
"Instead of focusing on laying eggs like their feral partners, what do they do all day? Nothing but chattering here and there and complaining. Well, Pita is kind of the exception."
"Kind of?" You ask the big cow lady.
"Well, her sisters just talk and talk and talk all day while she and the other chickens are sitting there, concentrating on laying eggs." Minna tilts her head to the side.
"…I'm guessing there's a ‘but’, right?"
"She hasn't laid a single egg since I hired her. Not a single one." Minna presses her lips. "She's a good girl, don't get me wrong. Younger than her sisters with nothing of their non-sense. But she doesn't produce."
"And her sisters?" Liiv asks her a bit worried. Seems she has taken a liking to little Pita. Must be because she's smaller than her.
"Well, you have seen Rita. Big mouthed on social issues concerning chickens. She spends all day on her smartphone surfing her Dumblr and---"
"Tumblr, Minna!" Liiv exclaimed.
"That thing. If she's not on her smartphone surfing the Tumblr---" Liiv groans at Minna's words "---then she's babbling and complaining about chickens being abused. Of course, she seems more of a mammal-hater than a chicken activist. And doesn't make the daily quota of eggs. So a really nasty girl that doesn't even do her work and even complains."
"And, uh…?" The last chickengirl mentioned wasn't here.
"Lila." Minna sighs. "And there's… Lila." Minna rubs her temples. "She doesn't talk or complain as much as Rita. She even makes more eggs than her sister and one of the chickens."
"Oh, that's a good thing ri---"
"Fertilized eggs. She laid fertilized eggs. She got herself pregnant and she didn't tell us. We almost sold those! That's like… pre-natal slavery. So any egg she makes? Not for sale. I didn't have the heart to call her out on Mrs. Tie. Poor lady." Minna shakes her head with a gloomy expression. "She really is concerned about her girls and that's how they behave."
"Huh, so even Mrs. Tie works harder than the chickengirls?" Liiv asks. From what Minna is telling, you can only nod.
"Pretty much. I can only guess they are like that because of their age. They're still young." Minna takes her glasses off and rubs them against the fabric of her top. Her boobs are a good space for cleaning. "That, so far, is the only reason why I just don't fire them. But, if it comes to that I can tell you right now I will only keep Pita. At least she's trying and not complaining." The cow lady smiles.
"Wait, so this whole wage raise idea wasn't Mrs. Tie's idea?" Liiv starts walking to the sink.
"Nope. Rita must have ran off to her and told her some sob story she found on her internet thing. Lila must have seen it as the perfect opportunity for more money and Pita… Well, little Pita is too innocent, so she must have believed whatever Rita told her." Minna turns around to the right and turns back. "This way is better. Anyway, that's one of the things they don't get. Or at least Rita."
"What thing?" You ask her trying to move your massive body to one of the chairs.
"If there was even a bit of effort in their part, a wage raise would be reasonable." Minna puts her glasses back on. "But logic goes above their heads. They think that because they belong to the 'proud hard-working' species of chickens, they are proud and hard-working and it's in their right to have a raise. They think that because at some point their relatives were abused as farm animals, they have a birthright to call for more benefits. And they could not be farther from the way it works. I'm also a descendant of farm animals that were abused and you don't see me complaining or asking for 'what I deserve'. They are missing how the equation works. Complaining and demanding for the benefits you deserve because someone treat you badly before won't change the world. Actions do. Hard work do. Those get that change you want in your life and surroundings. I…" Minna pauses for a bit and looks at her room, the open door revealing her military memorabilia. "I'm guessing you know by now, right Yuu?"
"I told her already, sis." Liiv says before you could respond.
"That's what I thought. I… I fought for years, you know? Fought for equality for animals, humanized and humans. After I retired I built this farm from the ground up. All by myself. I never asked for help and didn't even think about demanding or complaining about what I 'deserved'. I even turned down any human help I was offered."
"Why?" You ask her, sad about the events that transpired years before.
"Because I fought for equality. And accepting help was, for me, accepting we were not equals. I built everything myself. I never complained to my boss or demand a raise. Because I was my boss. I worked hard for this. And I was able to make that change I wanted. With my work, not by complaining." Minna's face is full of determination. "We're all farm animals. We're all in the same level. I can't just give a raise to only the chickens. They're supposed to be equals. Those girls could imitate a bit of the hard work Mrs. Tie did at her time." Minna sighs. "That poor lady…"
"Eeeh, I don't know Minna." Liiv says to her sister. "Mrs. Tie is not stupid. She must be aware of this stuff. I guess she can't do much about it."
You feel sorry for Minna's predicament, but at the same time you feel inspired by her own drive and hard work. There's a bit of an awkward silence in the room. Minna smiles at you both.
"Say, girls, I know these babies can get you quite ravenous. Did you two eat breakfast yet?"
"Ah, y---"
"No, we're starving Minna." Liiv cuts you off. Minna giggles and starts walking toward the cabinet.
"Oh well, you two get in the table."

Liiv and you sit beside each other, facing back to back with your bellies on the side of the table. At least you the chairs are able to support you yet.

"Let's fill those bellies of yours." The big cow lady turns to her side and opens the cabinet. She gets two large bags from the cabinet. "Especially yours Yuu! What happened?"
"Oh? I… just some growth spurts along the way." You smile at her nervously. Minna giggles and walks towards you.
"No wonder you're starving. Huh… this will be difficult." The oldest cowgirl turns slowly trying to give you and Liiv a bag. "Aaand there you go. Biscuits. I know Liiv loves them so I put them really high up."
"Hey!" Liiv yells offended receiving one of the bags. "It's the biscuit's fault. They are too tasty." You chuckle at your little cowgirl's remark and grab the other bag.
"Uh-huh, whatever you say miss. Anyway, I think Liiv showed you the reason I was looking for you?" Minna asks smiling.
"Yes! It looks so pretty!" You tell her truly grateful for her gesture.
"Well, given the circumstances, I'm going to need to some more work on it… on all of our clothing. So I will be in my room, okay? You both enjoy the food." Minna's hands pet your head. "This one is Yuu aaand this one must be Liiv."
"That's my boob, I'm not that short…" Liiv replies with an annoyed tone. You can almost see her pouting from where you're sitting.
"Ah well, your boob feels pretty full. So you two, don't get naughty while I'm in my room." Minna laughs while you blush at her words.

The massively busty cowgirl starts walking towards her room. You hear a thud. You turn your head to find Minna stuck, just like you moments ago, in front of her door.

"Oh dear…" Minna says.
"Hmeed mfelp?" You guess Liiv is offering help to her sister.
"Ah, no, no, don't worry Liiv. I got this. Just need a little…" Minna extends her arms towards the doorframe.


With a flex of her right arm the frame gives out and cracks before your eyes. Minna is REALLY strong.

"…push. That's one more repair to do, ha-ha." Minna turns and laughs with some pride. "Now let's get inside." She pushes her body and enters without difficulty. "Yes!"

You stare at her dumbfounded. You thought strength displays were a usual thing. But not this kind of strength display.

"I'll be here retailoring our clothing. A bit bigger than needed since it looks you like to grow."

She's right.

Minna closes the door. After some seconds you hear something cracking.
"I'm fine… my bed it's not."

"All that milk must weigh a ton." Liiv says with her back to you.
"Y-y-yeah… I didn't know she was THAT strong." You tell Liiv surprised.
"Well, she did state she built this whole thing herself."
"Fair enough." You raise your eyebrows surprised. "It was because of her training?"
"Yup." You can hear her munching on another biscuit.
"Hey, why did you tell her we didn't eat breakfast yet?" What Liiv told her was a white lie, but why?
"Well, you wanted more did you?"

Yes, more.

"…Well, yeah." You look at the bag and take one of the biscuits. "I do want...lots more." You lick your lips. You shake your head. What are you thinking? Did you just say your inner thoughts? You try to relax and eat the biscuit. The taste is still incredible. You can just keep eating and stuff yourself silly with them. Just to grow more.
"What did you say?" Liiv asks.
"Huh? I wanted to eat more biscuits, only that." Did you say it too quietly?
"Yeah, but after that. You said something about being stuffed silly." You skip a heartbeat. You said that without noticing it? You take a deep breath and try to let your mind relax.
"Yeah… I say silly things like that when I'm hungry, ha-ha." Try to change the subject, Yuu. "Hey, so, have you seen my car?"
"Uh? Your car? The SUV? I heard Yuzi saying something about it. But… why?" Liiv asks you. There's some gloom in her voice.
"Well, I gotta go back home." You tell her in a matter-of-fact tone.
"Oh…" Liiv's little 'oh' holds something. You're too curious.
"What is it, Liiv?"
"N-nothing… I just… I was thinking about, well, us and like, what we are. And…" Liiv voice gets nervous.
"W-well… why don't you stay with me? I mean on the farm. With us. And me. I would like you… to be with me."
"Y-You mean like…" A couple?
"YES! Yes…"

You think about her offer. She's right now asking you to move in with her, as a couple. You weigh your options...

While you care for Liiv, you still need to finish your studies. There's so much things you need and want to do. This seems like a decision too serious for this moment. And you don't want to make such a choice of the heat of the moment. Maybe declining would be the best option?

But… you care for her. You care a lot for her…

So on one hand, maybe moving to the farm might be too much of a change. But knowing what you know about her, you think maybe she might like it better in the city. With you. Maybe you can convince her to move in with you?

On the other hand, this is her home. You can't take her from there. Not to mention she might need you more than ever, your babies might arrive before long. Plus the time you have spent here has created a strong bond with the Cowoskis. You care about each of them, even with all the crazy stuff that has happened. Maybe you won't mind staying with them? Staying here in the farm, with Liiv as your girlfriend?

have a nice day

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FFFFF CoffeeSlice just scared me with Orange kitty's toy rat.

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Moo-ternity news:
Why is there no new moo-ternity chapters yet?


Moo-ternity final earnings (from May) = +330 USD.
Orange kitty 1st surgery = -300 USD
Orange kitty 2nd surgery + medicines and stuff = -200 USD
Month we are now = August
Bills to pay since May = Lots

The video did a better depiction of my response :U I have to gather money, each month, to live.
Moo-ternity is not something that makes money in a regular basis, the whole donation system was something I setted up to gather money for the surgery of Orange Kitty. We didn't expect kitty was going to need a 2nd surgery and we also didn't expect we were not going to finish in May (or June (or July)). But each month that came after May came with their own bills to pay. Not to mention the kitty needed special care, medicine and time (because we were constantly watching over her).
We are not asking for money to continue, just be patient.
Good thing is the kitty is completely healed up now, she can play normally and go outside in the mornings. So it won't be that long until we can continue with the series and finish it.

I know, I know, but WHEN will Moo-ternity end?
There is one poll left and the story will finish before the month of October starts. Since I have another exciting thing for us in that month :U
So hold yo butts.

P.S.: Monday 29th, next chapter. See :v?
And another WIP with bigger boobeh because bigger boobeh is goodeh.
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Super Mighty Update: Hello! I'm not dead!!!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts O: I'm going to do a more detailed journal on this later. For now, I want to let you know...hey, I'm alive :3! Working on the YCH animation for :icontearrific: ! Here's a WIP:
Wipppie by OfaMightDivine
Hope you like it :3
In the meantime, how are you all?


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